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I have been meaning to send a message for some time now to tell you all about how wonderful our Mojo is! At least once a week my husband and I say to each other what a perfect cat he has been for us. I remember coming into your wonderful facility, telling you what sort of cat we had in mind and what sort of home we provided and without a blink, Mojo was the first words out of your mouth! We thought on it for a day and were back the next day to pick him up! He has been absolutely perfect for our home from day ONE! He walked in, checked out the place and settled right in. He is the best mouser and often leaves "presents" at the back door. He loves to go outside (often sitting patiently for someone to notice him staring out the back door and the same when he wants to come in) but is good about not wondering to far.

He is part of "the Pack" as we have to large breed dogs, and has even followed us on a late night walk with the dogs... it was the funniest thing to see! He is also alfa in the household, often highjacking the largest dog's bed.

He has a Romeo and Juliet crush, I think, with the neighbors in-door-only cat and he will sit at their back door meowing constantly with this interesting meow that has a definite up-stroke in tone, almost like a question. As if to say, "can you come out NOW???" He does the same if he is outside the bedroom as we head to bed.

He often prefers to roam at night while we are away at work and is waiting patently for me when I get home and in instantly in my lap or nestled into my hip as I fall asleep, he is very much the "momma's-boy."

Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and loving you give to these cats so that we can find the perfect ones!


Corynn & Justin
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