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February 2015

I am an Author!

Hello to all of my adoring friends and loyal fan club.

Memoirs of a FieldHaven PrincessI know that it has been a while since I wrote to you. I have been busy enjoying semi-retirement. I forgot to mention in my last report that thanks to a lot of hard work by my aunt Cathy Willcox and my favorite Uncle Jared that I am now a published author! My book is called Memoirs of a Fieldhaven Princess and it's available for purchase online.

I have decided to be extra generous and add my favorite Uncle Jared's name to the book as co author. I feel that this is the least that I could do for him. All of the profits from this book are donated to FieldHaven (I don't get to see one dime), but at least I am now famous.

I'm pleased to say that My favorite aunt Jen Paul came back to work at FieldHaven a few months after leaving (I am not sure of the exact date). All of the cats, volunteers and staff members are thrilled to have Jen back at FieldHaven where she belongs.

One thing that I love about having aunt Jen back is that I can cause as much mischief as I want during the week and I always end up getting a five star report from her. Seeing this, Uncle Jared has begun to ask other people about my behavior and they are a little harder to pay off (I refuse to mention any names).

Signing off now so that I can get back to my catnap and dream of my book-signing tour...



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