June 17, 2014

Who's the New Kid?

Cats with a concrete garden kitty

Hi FieldHaven friends, this is Whiskey again, for Cody, Dee Dee and Sammi,

In the picture above, I am on the left and Sammi is on the right asking me who the new gray kitty is. Sammi had spent some time trying to make friends with "Missy", the little girl sitting on the fireplace hearth. She started with sniffing, then sat down next to her and stared for a while. Cody and Dee Dee also checked her out with sniffing and staring. I had to break it to them all that Missy is a concrete garden cat. Basically a rock. They were let down, but they'll get over it.

Again this year I volunteered to help out at the "Classics, Cats and Cabernet" fundraiser, and once again I was politely refused. I guess I understand, but it's disappointing because there are so many things I can do. At least I tried. Mommy and Daddy will have to tell me about it.

Sunday the four of us got together and sang "Happy Father's Day" in cat for Daddy. Good thing he understands cat, because we had no money to buy him anything. It's the thought that counts, right?

Someday soon I may drop by FiedHaven for a surprise inspection. Should be fun.


paw Whiskey.

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