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I want to be a Monthly Giver!

This special program really gives back!


Currently in our 12th year of service, FieldHaven has successfully rescued and placed over 3,000 cats in new forever homes.

We would not have been able to accomplish this, nor provide our high level of care and assistance without the generosity of people like you! Our Monthly Giving program needs more supporters to help us continue our work here and in the surrounding communities.

We are proud to continue to set the standard of excellence in the care of felines and hope you will join us by pledging your support.

Why become a Monthly Giver?

Giving a little each month saves lives!
Your contribution will go toward supporting all the cats who come to Fieldhaven - from the kittens and friendly young cats who get adopted easily, to the cats who stay with us for much longer -- the physically challenged cats, the cats who are injured, the seniors and special needs cats, the cats too afraid of people to live indoors and so become barn cats, and the maligned and misunderstood black cats. Your dollars will help give all them all a second chance at a full life. The more you are able to give, the more cats we are able to help.

This is a program that gives back!
With our sincere appreciation for joining our new Monthly Giving program for a minimum of $10 per month, you will receive a letter highlighting our cat of the month along with a beautiful full-color glossy 4"x6" photo and an update of the latest news and developments happening at Fieldhaven written by our president, Joy Smith. You can also give the gift of Monthly Giving and your friends or family will receive these wonderful monthly letters.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an . From all of us at Fieldhaven, thank you for being a Monthly Giver!


Hot Rod

With those captivating eyes, HotRod always grabs the attention of potential adopters. She has a bubbly personality, a beautiful coat and is a Manx. What's not to like about that combination? Not much except for the fact that HotRod suffers from a congenital spinal defect that causes bowel and bladder dysfunction. In short, HotRod needs to have her bladder expressed two times daily and also have daily medication to encourage bowel movements. Not exactly something your average adopter is willing to consider taking on.

HotRod came to FieldHaven as a kitten when she was found in the bushes near our local spay/neuter clinic. Her condition wasn't apparent for several days. But pretty much from the very beginning she has had to have this special care each and every day. FieldHaven is fortunate to have a volunteer who is dedicated to HotRod's needs but if she isn't available to be at the shelter, HotRod has to be boarded with our vet.

We hope someday a special person will come along for HotRod but, realistically, that may never happen. HotRod has a happy, full life at FieldHaven with an army of caring volunteers so if she never gets adopted she has a pretty fulfilling life.

Your support of HotRod will help us provide the extensive care she requires.

See HotRod's Blog




I'm a treat eating, toy chasing, attention grabbing, lover boy. I may be permanently blind but I can hear a can hear a crinkle ball drop a mile away.

I was born in the Spring 2014 in a very overcrowded home. Many of my family members and I contracted Feline Viral Herpes. Unfortunately my infection had been left untreated until the point that I have permanently lost vision in both eyes.

In late September 2014 my owners reached out to FieldHaven Feline Center for help. Realizing they had too many of us to care for adequately, their home was overcrowded and my friends and I were in an unsafe and neglected environment.

There were about 60 of us who came to FieldHaven for the September 60 project. Like me, many of my friends were ill with eye infections and upper respiratory infections.

I have learned that being blind does not have to slow me down, I love everyone I meet and am more than happy to give you my signature "face bump." I have learned to use my other senses pretty well. No noisy toys or bowl of food is safe with me on the prowl. Yeah the occasional wall does jump in my way but I have a lot of great humans at FieldHaven who look out for me. I bet you can hardly tell I'm blind!

Champy's Catfe

I am very proud to say that FieldHaven built a special coffee house in my honor, called Champy's Catfé! You can find me there at 454 F Street in Lincoln, hanging with my friends, human and kitty alike. It's a lot of fun - come and visit me!

Champy's Facebook Page
Champy's Catfé

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